Mashita UJDA 760 DVD/CDRW

Is this drive capable of burning DVD’s?

or is it a DVD- Rom and CD RW?

It is an internal drive on my friend’s new laptop and we are
unsure if it will burn DVD’s.

How can I tell?


Use Nero InfoTool. Can be downloaded here: It will tell almost everything about your drive. And of course there is another very good software (much better in many ways than InfoTool) with such option, but because other, objective reasons I won’t name it.

UJDA drives are COMBO-drives.
A combination of a DVD-ROM and a CD-RW burner.

Thanks, that is what I thought.
The Nero tool sort of indicated that it accepts DVD-R disks,
and I think that is for playing, not buring.


Just check the tool info again, it should be parted into READ and WRITE capabilities.

Thank you.