Mashita UJ840D

Hi all,

Doe’s anyone now if there is any firmware available yet for the Mashita UJ840D??

I have a Sony Vaio FS640/W with the above drive and its locked to region 1 as I’ve used up all my region changes. I would like to backup some of my region 2 dvds but are unable with ANY software because of that reason. There is no problem backing up region 1 dvds though.

Any advice?

Thanks to all

Locked is locked. You cannot do anything about it, especially flashing will not change that!

Thanks for the info. It doe’s state that it has 4 vendor changes, what are those? Thanks

I dont understand even if its locked why I cannot backup any region. I used dvdfab and that copys the region 2 dvds to my hardrive but shrink is unable to open.

The regioncode (settings) have nothing to do with firmware flashing in general. They are stored seperately…

Do’es anyone now why I am able to copy a region 2 dvd and see it stored on my hardrive but unable to open via shrink?? is this because its locked to region 1? should that matter?

You must have some regioncode defating software running in the background, something like DVD43, AnyDVD or similar…

VENDOR changes are only usable by the vendor, no exception (except Liteon, lol).

Hi Chef,

Thanks for the advise.

I was told before to try Anydvd and DVD43 but that didn’t enable my drive to read the region 2 DVD’S. Why is DVDFAB Decrypter allowing me to copy the region 2 DVD’S to my drive but then Shrink not recognising it. The full movies are there but unplayable. Aren’t they then after going through dvdfab region free?

On the hardware site there is no way to de-regioning such Matshita drives. On the software side you can only try, try, try & hope.

Hi Chef,

Thanks for all your advise. Would you have any information regarding my last question. Why is DVDFab allowing me to copy region 2 dvds to the HDD but then I cannot open them with Shrink (to a certain degree). No other software will copy the region 2 dvds except dvdfab. The whole movie is there as I checked to see if the size was the same as the original.

If I click full disc on shrink then open files it cannot read the Video ts, but if I click Re-author then open files it then starts to read the movie. It gets to 60% (always) then states - dvd shrink encountered a problem & cannot continue/out of memory/not enough storage is available to process this command.

I have enough space on my hdd and I have closed all running applications to free up some memory.

Any ideas??


It is a deadend. DVDFab obviously tries to rip the stuff but is failing and only sending garbage to hdd then.

How did you try to rip, in file or iso mode?

Hi Chef, DVDFab doesn’t give me the option of ripping in file or iso.

Maybe someone else could try the way you did and post the experience here?!?

I have a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-840S drive (not an 840D) and I have set it to region 2.

I have not managed to rip a region 1 DVD with either DVD Decrypter alone, or with help from AnyDVD (an older demo version - don’t remember which).

As far as I understand it, the drive simply will not let you read a DVD from a different region.

I stopped trying, because I have plenty of desktop drive that are faster and easier to use for this urpose.

Chef/Dragemester, thanks for all your advise. I’m just going to go and purchase an External DVD R-W.

Its bloody frustrating. I have no idea regarding Computers but if I did I would have steared way clear of one with a Ma"shit"a drive or Sony for that matter. I had to replace my 80gb Hdd recently which came with the Vaio because it went on me and because I’m in England & the Laptop is of American origin Sony here would not help. I replaced with a 40gb hdd but had lost all the software which came installed originally with it. It didn’t come with restore discs, you had to do that via the computer which I didn’t know about. SONY & MASHITA SUCK!!!

Well, Matshita drives are the only ones supporting cartridges :frowning:

how to flash it into UJ-840S driver? It not support DVDRAM .