Mashita uj-850S DVDRW Drive

I know that there is plenty on info on how to fix these crappy drives on the net, though after 3 days of searching I’m at wits end and I have not yet found one to deal with my problem. It used to not work, so I used some excellent info on the net to get it to go. Now it plays everything…except DVD’s! Basically when I plug in a DVD the drive starts going and then the “My Computer” window comes up with “(Not Responding)” then I have to restart explorer to be able to do anything. I’ve even tried leaving it to respond and sort itself out. I left it going while I was at work, so if it hasn’t sorted it self out in 9 hours it probably won’t.

Can anyone help me with this one?

Have you read this?

Of course all of your problems could be easily solved by getting a new burner, especially as cheap as they are now.

Clean it or get a new one.