Marvel's The Avengers copying & ripping

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Marvel’s The Avengers on dvd & blu-ray will be released on Sep 25, 2012. But Ideal DVD Software already got solution to remove the copy protection in blu-ray & dvds. You may backup or rip it now.

For the dvd edition, so far, we’ve solved three different editions, they’re for region 1&4, 2&5, 2&4&5.
To copy dvd Marvel’s The Avengers , please try Ideal DVD Copy.
To rip dvd Marvel’s The Avengers to avi, mp4, wmv, kindle fire, nexus 7, apple tv etc, please try Ideal DVD Ripper.

To backup blu-ray Marvel’s The Avengers, please try Ideal Blu-ray Copy;
To rip blu-ray Marvel’s The Avengers to avi and mp4 on Mac, please try Ideal Mac Blu-ray Ripper.

You may download the latest version of above programs on .

If you still have any issue to copy or rip Marvel’s The Avengers on windows or mac, feel free to feedback, we’ll help you as soon as possible.

There must be other editions of Marvel’s The Avengers[COLOR=Black].
I’ll keep update here:slight_smile:

Today, solved another two editions of dvd. They’re for region 3&5&6 and region 2.

Also got key for another edition of Blu-ray.

That’s awesome. :clap:

It always amazes me how far in advance you are with these things. :cool:


Today solved another edition for region 2.

Just uploaded decryption files for another three editions of this dvd.
One is for region 2&5. The other two are for region 2.

You may copy or rip them now. So far, we’ve solved 9 editions in total.

Just uploaded decryption file for another edition for region 1&4.

Just uploaded decryption file for region 2&4&5

This movie on dvd & blu-ray will be available today. So far, we’ve fixed 11 editions both for dvd and blu-ray.

DVD editions:
Two editions for region 2&4&5
Four editions for region 2
Two editions for region 2&5
Two editions for region 1&4
One edition for region 3&5&6

Blu-ray editions:
Nine editions for 2D
Two editions for 3D (but you should can’t burn, since we haven’t processed the 3D movie well)

You may copy & backup, rip or convert the dvd and blu-ray edition with our programs, you may download program you needed from . Maybe there’re still new editions we haven’t met, so feel free to contact us or post here if you still meet any issue on this movie. We’ll give you a solution within one day.

Good luck, my friends. :slight_smile:

Hi, my friends, just found some users didn’t attach the log file for us, without it, it’s difficult to know the exact reason why you failed. Now, please follow the guides below to give us corresponding information, then we’ll give you a solution soon once we received your email.

[B]1) Ideal DVD Copy crashed when reading the disc or just after press start button[/B]
Solution: Send us the bup files and log file for analyzing.
A. You may click the icon on the top left corner of Ideal DVD Copy main form, click “Export log” menu, save the exported file.
B. Quit Ideal DVD Copy, insert the dvd to your dvd drive, then browse the dvd drive, open VIDEO_TS folder, view it by details mode, copy all the .ifo files under that folder to another new folder. Then zip them to a single file.
C. Send the two files to our support team.

[B]2)Meet read error when copying or shrinking the avengers.
[/B]This issue maybe caused by new copy protection or by the dvd itself. On this occasion, bup file is also needed. You may click the icon on the top left corner of Ideal DVD Copy main form, click “Export bup files” menu, save the exported file and send it to us.

[B]3)Got burning error at the burning process.[/B]
On this occasion, only the log file is needed. Please click the icon on the top left corner of Ideal DVD Copy main form, click “Export log” menu, save the exported file and send it to us.

We wish to help you quickly, just give you a solution when receiving your first email, so please do follow the above guides to send us the information we needed. Thanks.:flower: