Martina Hingis vs Anna Kornikova

Who is better looking? Martina Hingis or Anna Kornikova?

kournikova all the way, but we should be getting some pics :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand why you tried to compare the two; there’s no contest :wink: …i wonder if Martina will get any votes?

P.S: it’s spelt Kournikova :wink:

Anna Kournikova ofcourse. :iagree: :bow:

as for pictures => To spare the 56k’ers, in a link

Anna: hoe
Martina: girl next door

Anna: girl you fool around with
Martina: girl you marry :wink:

Heh, they’re both hos to me. It’s just one’s more talented than the other at a certain task.

Who is worst looking? Venus or Serena? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s hard to choose, 'cause they look alike.

<3 martina

I would fuck them both!

I don’t like men :wink:

definitly anna

I’d marry Anna anytime :iagree:

anytime , any place :iagree:

Anna Nicole Smith? :eek: :bigsmile:

She aint that bad but she wouldnt marry me, not that many zer0s in my bank account for Ann Nic. $mith.

What about Jenna Bush vs Barbara Bush? Who is better looking?

Dead or Alive?

I’ve seen Anna once in person.It was when she was dating Federov. It was jam packed at this bar. i was going to the w.c. which was by the back door. Federov was trying to get in the back way and avoid the huge line. I was like,screw it, he wouldnt let me in if i was standing out there. I was turning into the john when i saw some blonde hair from the side of the door. I had to get a closer look. i let them in.She was hot. I didnt really like her recent spread in Maxim though.


But I would (also) fuck them both!