Mars Rat

Is that a rat… on Mars?!

Yes, according to a theory from one determined man in Japan who recently scoured dozens of NASA photos taken by the space agency’s Mars Curiosity rover. A post on UFO Sightings Daily shows the “Mars rat,” which appears to be a creature with legs and a tail among rocks on the planet.

That not fair I own Mars and we had no rats until NASA and Russia started sending up things. I expect them both to remove there equipment and remove all the rats. They need to read the contract they had with me they are to see that nothing living tags along with there equipment.

Oh well… Lochness of Mars.

I wondered where rat fink went , last I heard he was going 500 miles per hour in the salt flats.

I wish I could get a soda can up there for them to find would make a great story or maybe this

someone left this up there

Funny but you do not know how much I would love to go there and place just that there it would be so much fun to get there ahead of everyone else as long as I got back.

What is your uncle doing on Mars!?:stuck_out_tongue: Can someone (:cop:) bring him back?

Or was that you auntie? You know you all look alike.

Somewhere around here I have a couple of sealed beer cans from the 1970’s THOSE found on the surface of mars would seriously flip some people out…


Is that a rat… on Mars?![/quote]

No, thats Pareidolia.

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