Marks made by folder?



Have these marks circled in red been cause by the disc being store in a folder?? the marks only seem to be on the top edge of the disc, some of the discs have only done from burner straight to folder, yet still a fair number of the discs have these marks, if it is the folder im guessing its to do with the page moving about cause friction.

Also if this is due to the folder does this nly happen with folders as i have just bought a couple of the dj style case. Cant really use case’s as i dont have the room only stuff that stays in a case is important stuff.


I would guess you’re right, and it is caused by friction. Not sure though.

What I’m fairly sure of (from my own discs stored this way) is that you shouldn’t get this kind of thing from a DJ-style case.


Do you store the discs back to back in the dj case’s sleeves ?? i have to dj case’s at the mo, one 240 disc one made by amps and a 390 made by mirror. Yet to put anything in them though.


Yep back to back storage.

Those look more like dirt to me, have you tried cleaning them.


Yeah have tryed cleaning but they are marks those ones in the circle. Thing is the marks are on a fair few discs and always in the same place at the top. If it was dirst in the same place on a fair few discs i would get a bit spook i think :slight_smile:


Yeah, they look a little dusty, that’s why I said I wasn’t sure if it was friction.

And as Jay said, the DJ-style cases store the discs back to back, vertically.


Well time for going over to the DJ case then I think. With that many to hold Arachnes eyes are going to bulgem they did when I said I was getting a 300 disc one, I have my eyes on another though.


I’ve got a particular brand of CD wallets which leave imprints on the recording side of the discs. The imprints come from the plastic padding material on the inside of each pocket. These can be removed but only if cleaned with lighter fluid (e.g. zippo or ronsonol - liquid not the can sort). Nothing else works. You might have to press a little bit more firmly when cleaning the disc, but it does work.

You might want to give this a try and see if it does anything. And if it does remove those spots, turn a hard, accusing eye at those disc wallets of yours and never buy that brand again. Not all disc wallets are like that. I’ve got some case logic cases which have been holding discs in them for a year plus. Zero degredation issues, spots or marking from the sleeves.

And in case you were worried, lighter fuel is safe on recording surfaces (provided you don’t smoke while cleaning your discs - I had a mechanic who used to fuel up my car while talking with a lighted cigarette at the corner of his mouth). I have cleaned many discs that way with no side effects at all.


What brand is the evil CD wallet so we know to avoid it?


The wallets i have are datawrite.


I was more interested in [B]karangguni[/B]'s wallet which leaves spots on the discs.


What’s a good DJ-styled case for holding DVDs?



ANy as long a the sleeves hang like the files in a filing cabinet. They don’t actually have to be DJ cases, it is just they are the easiest to mention as they tend to look the same. You can get things with the same hanging arrangement made to look like leather covered boxes, etc to fit into the look of the average room.


Could you post a link to one example?


Someone already has in another thread.