Marking tracks on a large .wav file

Hello. I’m converting LPs to digital and working with an old copy of Sound Forge, it’s a bit tedious with all the cutting and pasting.

Any programs (preferably free) that can streamline the process, letting you take that big .wav file and put markers where you want it split?

If your finished product is MP3, there is MP3 DirectCut. You can set cut points, define song titles and cut into separate files all without re-encoding. I just got a program called CueSpliiter that can chop WAV, but I believe you’d have to write a CUE file to split with that (haven’t even installed it yet).

Thanks for the reply. I’m pretty obsessive about having a .wav or .flac first before compressing it down to mp3, but maybe I should check out this CueSplitter program and figure out what you mean by writing a CUE file. :cool: