Marketers try to turn web pirates into customers

I just posted the article Marketers try to turn web pirates into customers.

KaZaA is currently confusing the entertaiment industry. The software offers downloads trough the FastTrack. On this networks also pirated music/movies and software is availble. Besides that, KaZaA…

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And if this works governments will try the same with the crimminal element…IE…ok we’ll let you commit 6 crimes ,but after that you gotta pay… What in the world made them think that people getting their music free are suddenly going to get the guilts and come clean with the green…I must have missed something here…:7

Because the last line in the post. How many times have you bought something only to realize that it’s crap and it’s a mistake, though i would argue not of yours but of the soulless marketer who fooled you. I hardly use or listen to any of the crap I download more than once…if that. I would never never never pay for any of that crap. See the deal is that most people would be very happy to spend a little cash for something that they know is WORTH IT and not horribly OVERPRICED. And did I mention EASY! I hate scumming around trying to find the good stuff. I’d be happy to pay…

The government is always charging for criminal transgressions like: speed, parking, minor posession, etc.

money, money, money, money. Can’t deny that it’s the religion with the most members.