Market for a new burner

Hi, I am looking for a new burner.

I am willing to pay a little extra for quality, why save $10 when it will produce more coasters?

I am fond of DVD+R media. Will be burning mostly Sony, MCC (when I buy some) and CMC (swiped from work). RW performance is not important. CD-R speed is not of importance.

DVD-ripping performance is not very important, I am willing to wait for these processes.

Lightscribe/labelflash doesnt matter.

Scanning is useful, I would like to know jitter as well as the PIE and PIF.

I would like to be able to read the more damaged discs.

In short, Quality of burn is what I’m looking for.

Pioneer 111D is best for DVD backup IMO after reading all reviews of burners, but it’s not a good scanner. Benq or LiteOn are best options for scanning, but I chose Pioneer because scanning is unimportant to me.

I can’t really get the 111D, would the 112D or 212D be as good or better?