Market analyst predicts $0.08 per GB for 3D NAND next year

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Market analyst Jim Handy has predicted during the Flash Memory Summit that prices of NAND will be as low as $0.08 per GB next year. That would mean a 1TB SSD could cost less than $100. Currently the average price per GB is around $0.30.

That would be great to see 1TB SSD for around $100 or less.

if that ends up being true, it makes me wonder if I should have waited on the Intel 545s 128GB SSD I got for $31.99 not long ago (for a 10 year old laptop I got) which is still currently a great buy as that was the best SSD I have seen around $30 (currently around $50+) which is about the most I feel comfortable paying for a 128GB range SSD. but if 1TB SSD’s are around $100 or less, I would imagine 128GB SSD’s would become dirt cheap, maybe almost non-existent, and things would just shift to 250GB+ range models for real cheap (say $30-ish or less) prices and then climb from there etc.

currently I have a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB in my main PC since May 2015. I likely won’t need to upgrade that for a while as while a 1TB would be nice, I would not benefit from it all that much at the moment.

That would put spinners completely out of business.

I’ll believe that when/if it actually happens, tech analysts don’t exactly have a good record in predictions. :thinking:

Microcenter sell a 480gb SSD for $65 which comes to $0.135 per GB. A year from now it isn’t inconceivable for the price to drop down to $0.08 per GB. I have 2-3 of the Inland brand and they work really good considering the price.