Markers Liteon 5025

Hi to everyone out there. My first post, so bear with me.
just received my liteon 5025 and am happy with it so far, however I’m finding this slightly annoying. When you press stop the marker is set to resume from where you left off, but if you turn the unit to standby to resume at a later time it starts from the begining, even my old DVD had the resume play function.

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From what I’m aware of, there is no way of overcoming this issue other than leaving the DVD recorder in its powered-on state when you stop the playback of a disc. On the other hand, the running cost of leaving a DVD recorder on overnight is only a few cents of electricity.

The ability to resume playback of a DVD depends on if the manufacturer offers the capability. For example, my NeoDigits upscaling DVD player will resume the playback of a DVD even if the disc been removed from the player or has been unplugged.