Markers?!?: Can't find Dixon Redisharp Plus

I normally use a Dixon Redisharp Plus marker to label my CDs and DVDs.

I don’t trust the retail store ‘Sharpies’ as they are not the same ink as Sharpies use alcohol-based ink. I also wanted the ‘fine point’ version.

The problem is that every store I turn to doesn’t sell Dixon Redisharp Plus markers to Canada which is where I am located. Or they only sell them in bulk. I want one but I’m not going to buy 500 to get it!!!

I have checked online,,, and local online stores to no avail!

I only have one marker and now it’s out of ink. I cannot write with it. It’s now garbage. I was concerned as I only own one so I even came here posting asking which printer is the best for writing on CDs/DVDs. You can quickly search my posts to find out.

I think it’s too expensive for me right now to take a chance at such slim pickings of a CD-writable printer and it sounds really compicated for someone who just wants to write on a CD or DVD. I would like it to look more professional with a printer that can write on it but I think it is quite costly and the choices are not good.

For now, I just wanted to get a marker that writes on the CD/DVD and the Redisharp Plus markers seemed to be a good choice and there was no doubt that it is good quality for the CD/DVD (no risk of data deteriorating or ruining the disc).

Can anyone help me here?

I would even pay someone to buy it and ship it to me (who lives in the U.S.) or if you know of a retailer that ships to Canada who sells those markers, that is good, too.

I don’t want to have a bunch of CDs/DVDs I burn with no label on them describing what they are! HELP! :-/

I can’t believe there are NO choices for non-alcohol-based markers for CDs and DVDs! Unbelievable! If you know of one that ships to Canada that I can use Paypal or Bank transaction, please list/mention!

Alcohol doesn’t hurt a CDR in the least. As for DVDs it makes no difference at all what you use. Sharpies are fine for all discs. Been using them for many years with no issues.

Why are there so many articles out there that state otherwise?

I guess I don’t have a choice as the Sharpies are the only ‘CD marker’ out there for me. The only non-marker alternative are CD Thermal printers and the few ink jet printers that will print on CDs and DVDs.