Marker display off of dvd



Does any know how to take off the marker display on a “Demo Version” of a dvd?


Are you referring to a Watermark? Like a logo or message on the video while the disc is playing?

If it is in the video, you would probably have to edit each frame individually to color over it. (like photoshopping a picture) Once the watermark is put into a video, there is nothing to take it out. It is not a removable feature like region settings.


No, not a watermark. It looks like the actual lenth of the movie display running.


you mean the timecode? you probably shouldn’t have that video if it’s got a timecode on it…

but if you did want to edit it out, it would be very difficult. i think you can use TMPGEnc DVD Author or something…


Sounds like an Ebay special.

Is this one of those bootlegged DVD’s that are taken with a camcorder in a movie theatre?
The ones with the low quality and somebody walking past the camera occasionally.

I’ve personally never saw one, but some coworkers of mine visiting China have.


I don’t remember the program I used, I want to say TMPGEnc(?), it allowed you to crop video. With that you could slice the time code off.


Sounds to me like someones trying to burn a copy of Star Wars 3 and dump the time stamp. :Z


Good Theory!

They were playing it at a rave the other night in the visual mix on the screens.