Maria Full of Grace

tried backing up this movie, having trouble just as I had with Forgotten, but was able to rip with DVD Decrypter, then use DVD Shrink to burn, and it worked, but not with this movie. I tried the same way as above, and movie copied, but whole movie was with the directors comments in the background of the whole movie. Went back and tried again, this time removing the director comments in DVD Shrink, and movie copied ok, but this time have no sound at all. Have used DVD Shrink to do everything in the past with NO PROBLEMS, till these last two movies. Got me puzzled. Help please! :bow:

Haven’t done that movie but my guess is that it’s got to do with ARCoSS.

1.If this is a Sony movie there were 2 ARCoSS types introduced out there if I’m not mistaken.Dvd Decrypter came out a week earlier than the 2nd type of ARCoSS did.AnyDvd works great along with Dvd Region Free CSS.Decrypter will have these structures working on the next release.
You can also try an app called VobBlanker.I’ve read over the last few weeks that it seems to work also.I never tried it though.

IF…you didn’t leave out 5.1 english when you were trimming things down…
bring up the menu on your movie ,go to setup, and choose the audio you want.

I used dvdxcopy express again for this one before I switched to shrink and decrypter and It worked well!

Well this is the first time AnyDVD has let me down. There’s no indication whilst copying, but the burnt disc does not play. On closer examination the proper shop bought disc will not play on my PC whilst AnyDVD is enabled. Somehow it picks up that AnyDVD is running and whichever media player I use just crashes. As soon as I disable AnyDVD it plays fine. I’m now about to try DVD Shrink instead.