Marchon debuts 3D glasses vending machines inside theaters

Marchon debuts 3D glasses vending machines inside theaters.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Select moviegoers could soon have an additional stop to make before finding seats in crowded auditoriums. After standing in line for concessions and hitting the restroom (not necessarily in that order), they'll also have the option to feed money to a 3D glasses vending machine. But with 3D ticket sales all over the place this summer, will customers bite?

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“Would you buy a pair of 3D glasses from a vending machine in a theater lobby? Let us know in the comment section.”

Not a chance in Hell. Kind of tough to get an on the spot exchange if they don’t work.
3D seems to be pretty much a dead technology. I think we’ve sold 2 3D TVs in the last 3 months.

So a movie for 2 with snacks and glasses will set you back well over $100, over $200 if you spring for the deluxe glasses.

Yeah, that’s not gonna go over well. Especially when the glasses are included as part of the 3D purchase price. AND, if you have a passive 3D TV at home, those glasses will work fine.
It’s bad enough the movie companies nickle and dime you to death.

Movies are expensive enough as it is. Especially when they add an extra $3 on the ticket price for 3d movies. Since they include free glasses, why would anyone pay 20-30 dollars for another pair. Movies are expensive enough as it is. The only time you’re ever going to put them on it, is in a dark theatre, where everyone is paying attention to the movie, not you… lol

If the glasses give customers a free 3D upgrade, where they can watch 3D films for the price of 2D films, I’d say that would get sales going and possibly increase 3D viewing sales.

Otherwise, I’d imagine it would be as popular as a stylish ear-muff vending machine at a night club. :wink:

Wow, that idea is going to flop terribly. No way those are going to sell well, if at all.

3d had flopped so many times in my life I do not expect it to last this time either

I purchased some clip-ons so I can watch without having to wear a second pair of glasses over my prescription glasses. Only time I paid for that shit.