March 29 Grokster v MGM Supreme Court case



The Supreme Court panel will decide if the makers of p2p applications should be held liable for “illegal” uses of copyrighted music and videos shared by those using their software.


So what happens if I own a company which makes blades of various sorts and is used in a brutal murder illegally? Should I be criminal liable? I think not. To only construe the reasoning with p2p applications will be a mockery of jurisprudence.

Any views?


I see you point and I agree but we all know how this government is. :Z


Do you think the p2p people will lose the case at the Supreme Court?


no way jose… there is absolutely no way the supreme court is going to go in favor of MGM… the consequences of doing so: they will limit our progress/speed of innovation and prevent new technology from being developed. however, if they do go in favor or MGM, it’s gonna be a sad sad future…


As far as I’m see it they let lets this go you should be able to hold MisroShit liable when you have a problem with any of their os’s. :slight_smile:


They cant be held responsible if that was the case then microsoft should be held responsible also as they made the operating system that allowed illegal files to be downloaded…


Then you have media manufacturer’s…


How about Sony sues me for downloading a Sony file through P2P that I hooked up to using my Sony PC and I use a Sony drive to burn to a Sony disc…
Do you think Sony should name themselves as a defendent in the suit and sue themselves?