March 18 New Releases

damn im good! lol i got Southland Tales ( has the rock and sarah michelle gellar in it) to burn aweseomely perfect i did ful disc pathplayer eneabled took 30 minutes…the seeker took like 13 min, I Am Legend burnt without any error message, the new set of the After Dark Horror Fest 8 Films To Die For burnt with out error too, i was shocked cause like all the lionsgate seem to f*ck up except for a few lord knows i had a fun time with saw 4 and why did i get married :frowning: but anyhow yes and Enchanted the disney movie went PERFECTO too! lol i used dvdfab gold on them all, and had PP enabled, and i did full disc on th 8 films to die form so tuesday will be very fun for those of you who cant get these before the release date! :flower: peace bizitches happy burningzz!!!:flower: —Johnny—

Glad that you can back up the 8 movies to Die for, but I saw 6 of them at the show, and they were all terrible not worth the blank DVD’s.

On the other hand,
I have had to dis-able path player in order to rip movies.
After couple yrs of problem free Fab,I was constantly getting the [error.retry.cancel, abort screen right after analysis and they could not all have been dirty or scratched.
One even Was a new box set [U]opened by me [/U]and was still getting the errors.
Dis-abled Pathplayer and every movie since has been problem free.
]I usually only do the main movie, not into moving titles around, so don’t really need Path player, and If I want the whole disk,
I burn to D/L…
Still have no idea why pathplayer, which is a good addition to Fab , causes me grief cause it wasn’t that way up until last month.

thank you for the heads up. really thank you much. :slight_smile:


as for the pathplayer deal. i only have had trouble with pathplayer a few times. these were either with older movies or with cheap kids movies. typically always enabled. (even though i typically do main movie, go figure :confused:)

really? o well they sounded interesting, and usually the stuff everybody hates i love lol which 6 did u see?

The six bad ones…

The two I didn’t see, were Nightmare Man and Deaths of Ian Stone, But the reviews for those weren’t good. Thinking about it a little more Mulberry Street was the best of the others.

is the slow XBOX encoding rate fixed?

I’ve done them all and only 1 has problems. G.I. Jesus said it backed up fine but loads in player, then shuts off. I think I did it with pathplayer enabled. I’ll try again with it disabled.

o well peaople can be retarded sometimes…anyone burnt nancy drew yet? i cant get my hands on a copy!!!

[QUOTE=johnnylove69;2019484]anyone burnt nancy drew yet? i cant get my hands on a copy!!![/QUOTE]

yes backed up using dvdfab platinum full disc, with pathplayer enabled when necessary.

[quote=johnnylove69;2019484]o well peaople can be retarded sometimes…anyone burnt nancy drew yet? i cant get my hands on a copy!!![/quote] Just go to the store and BUY it :rolleyes: