Marantz debuts new Blu-ray player at CES

I just posted the article Marantz debuts new Blu-ray player at CES.

At the upcoming CES Event in Las Vegas Marantz will demonstrate its newest Blu-ray player. The ultimate-quality BD8002 will start at a price of $2.099,99 and is scheduled for release in the…

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For $2100, it better play every disk known to mankind - ones containing MP3, WMA, WMV, VCD, SVCD, DIVX, etc. etc. Somehow, I doubt that it will.

I should have read the link first. They claim that it will play all those formats. In that case, for $2100, it had better make coffee for you, and diagnose your kids’ and pets’ illnesses.

Marantz’ is great at what they do and well worth the prices they charge I still have a pair of speakers I bought from them and they still are great and are about 20 years old now. :slight_smile:

Even if it plays all the formats it claims and it lasts 20 years, it’s not worth that much. I could see paying double the std. price for a Blu-ray player (i.e., $1000) for someone who could afford it, but that much? Problem is that there should be no ultra-premium price just because it might last that long. Banana Republic proved a business could be profitable and offer long-lasting clothes for the same price as elsewhere. I realize that’s not the same thing, but one that would be in the same category was formerly Maytag appliances. A washer would easily last 20 years, and only be about $150-200 more than others of the same capacity in the next closest quality brand.

For that price I’d buy a PS3, a HDMI compatible AV amp, and speakers.