Mapping the net and hunting down evil

I just posted the article Mapping the net and hunting down evil….

This article talks about a company that started a while ago to compile a complete map of the Web. Not only do they claim to have it, but moreover they say that they can trace any file on the…

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bollox…you can’t have a map of the web as it is constantly in a state of flux and change

there are always privacy-laws, they can’t just come and look into your attachements, if they do, they are doing some illegal stuff 2.
The bastards…

The Internet has over 1,000,000,000 pages. Those guys must be really bluffing if they have mapped them all. And trace them all back to their origin, pfffff, yeah right! As if they can trace me when i´m d/ling a single mp3 between all those millions of other users! It´s like tracing every insect in Holland… screw those amateurs who “claim” they have a map .

Hey YO, MAP THIS! while you are down there!!!

Naa… It’s more like pages (only pages) on the web. Then we have all the worlds newsgroups… and all the worlds FTP’s…

reading the article it seem like it’s a scottish crew behind this they also think they have av seasnake i´n one of their lakesGGGGGGG they might find good old nessie in here too !!!

Lucky for us this is forbidden. If they use your information without your consent, no (European/Dutch) court can ever allow this to be used as evidence.

cool!! can i have a printout of the map? im always lost!

Yeah right !
Evry second a new website pop-ups , it is simply impossible

Maybe they can help me find some good Pubs on the net…

lol only one word can describe the people behind this type of propaganda… LAME!! map the web, lmfao whats next?..

new Scottish software company
They blow to hard on their bagpipe and they drink to much
of that lovely Scottish whiskey :wink:

Oh! Thei gonna find my site and put it down! Fuck! I think thei can`t put down any big site like! That is best ware site!

hmmm, only a site like Dell is already 5 mill. pages…
Let them search for there SeaSnake I think that will be easier.

Are they crazy ?!
Maybe they haven’t nothing else to do … :slight_smile:

Yeah! rigth if they are so damm smart why haven’t they done anything real. I mean that if they can follow uss why don’t they show they can like send a message to those who does things like that.

i think that is full BULL SITH!!!

What a bullshit!
If I can’t even find me own site, how the hell can they!?

They are just a bunch of people with very large harddiscs I think…

I wonder if they could print it on paper??? how much wood will they need?? Oh they can charge it on Bill Gates Account IF HE HAS THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY!!!