Any one have any straight foreward idea how I can backup my Lowrance Mapcreate disks?? I tried Alcohol 120, ImgBurn, DvdDecyrpter, all with no luck. It copies but still states to put in original??
Thanks for any help…


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More info would have been helpful… CD/DVD, Protection, Movie/Software/Game?

L0wrance MapCreate is mapping software for use with a GPS.

It is a series of 6 CD’s. It copies OK, but when you try to launch the software it checks for an original disc and will reject a copy.

Any ideas?

Welcome ic3scrap3r, scan your installation folder using Protection ID and post your result here. A tutorial how to use PID can be found here.

It is possible to copy the software. As per the license agreement in the software owners manual EULA I am permitted to make working copies for MY use and so I did… The fact that they tried to prevent me is a violation of the agreement. Enuf said.

You need to a earlier version of Blindwrite and a current copy of Alcohol 120.

Follow this guide

I used this guide with a different CD burner and it worked. You only need to use this method on one of the four cds.

Piracy is a crime… Do what you want with this information. I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.

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