MAP refund checks are rolling in to slighted CD customers

I just posted the article MAP refund checks are rolling in to slighted CD customers.

    My wife and I, both  received our checks today from the Lead Counsel for the Plaintiffs in the  CD MAP Antitrust litigation; Kohn, Swift, & Graf, P.C. This is the ...
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Pleasing for US residents… but what about countries outside the US?

Maybe one of our readers knows if there are similar actions in other countries. In light of the depressing news we have been getting in the US concerning file sharing and copy software I just wanted to post some news where the little guy can win one too. This action only got me about 26 bucks, but it cost the labels and retailers millions. It also shows how they are responsible for some of their own sales loss figures. As we have always said, cds were a poor value…and they still are!

Your shout Crabby…:+:X

I got my check yesterday in Michigan… if anyone’s keeping score.

Got mine in NY :B

YEAH!! I got mine in Missouri!! Woohoo! :slight_smile:

Got mine here in Connecticut today. “As Attorney general for the State of Connecticut, I am pleased to enclose payment in the settlement of the Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation -Richard Blumenthal Attorney General of Connecticut” I’ll probably buy 3 CDs on ebay with it.

Ok I got my $ 13.86 Has anything changed, is the price fixing fixed?

why dont you all put the money together and pay one of your politicians to fight against the Riaa :slight_smile: