Many VCD files on DVD disk?

a 700MB (80 min) disk can hold an average of 17 music videos that has been converted to VCD. what i would like to do is put 6x as many videos on one DVD disk (4.3GB?), is this possible? if so how would i go about doing this? all the software that run across can only fit approximately 2.5 hours of music videos (27 videos). I really dont see how a 700MB disk can fit 17 videos and a 4.3 GB can only 27 videos. When video (not data) is involved, is time the only factor that is involved when burning onto disks? TIA

A 700MB disc holds 80mins of VCD which would mean that the music videos are just under 5mins each.

VCD files are not DVD complaint, which is probably where the problem comes in. Whatever you are using is probably wanting to re-encode the files.

If your player supports RAW mpg’s then you can simply burn as many as will fit, otherwise you at least need to re-encode the audio from 44.1KHz to 48KHz. If you want for 192k AC3 though they would actually be a little smaller.

Arr… yes they are, well the Video is and so is the audio except for its sample rate.

@doinsd619, Any decent authoring program (like DVDLab) can import your VCD (best to demux the *.mpg file to video & audio streams first) and will convert the audio from 44.1 to 48 for you. You can also set up a menu while there and compile to a VIDEO_TS folder ready to burn. Just make as many Movies within DVDLab and keep adding files untill the disk is full.

i suggest using svcd2dvd which for £10 is the best bit of software i have aquired! simple menus and add chapters to each film/clip

TmpgEnc DVD author can do it as well (as long as the video is allready pre rendered into a MPEG)