Many unprepared for DTV switch

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Stragglers remain in the switch from analog to digital broadcast television despite public service announcements and a four-month delay in the change date.

Nielsen’s latest survey on the matter,…

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“more than 10 percent of America’s 114 million households with televisions are either partly or completely unprepared for the switch”

The same percentage that was given to us back in Feb. when the switch had to be delayed; proving how ineffective this postponement was.

I guess a handful of people are going to wake up without television, oh the horror.

This goes to show unless they just do the switch no one will get with the program.

I just replaced the 6AG6 tube in my set. It’s one of those color models that cost me $400 back in '65. I’m not about to throw it out just because the FCC says so. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

I dont know what the government calls being prepared. I do know that friggen converter coupon mess was soooo typical of how the government can take a simple solution and turn it into a f****** fiasco. I mean get real. The government prints coupons that have smart chips and look like credit cards when a piece of paper with a bar coide could have saved millions if not billions. The 90 day window thing was for what? So some contractor can make more reproducing duplicate coupons? Next time let the Salvation Army handle it for f*** sakes.

Not really that upsetting is it?

Maybe the government will do a better job with health care.

Like I said and many said before, should of done it back in February. The only way to make the idiots do something, is to have them lose their signal and get off their dead ass to do something about it. Another waste of tax payers money thanks to dumbasses in congress and abroad.

Just get a set top box and use your existing TV dumbo.

“Many unprepared for DTV switch” and we know who they are because we peeked through their living room window and their VCR is flashing “12:00”. Is it possible that we now have a test for “too stupid to watch television”?

Clip those coupons. You’ll be paying for the freeloaders health.

“…and the number of DTV-ready households has decreased by half over the last few months.”

How the hell did this happen?


The only advantage in delaying it till now is that the weather is better if you have to get on the roof for some reason …

… or could it be that the remainder that haven’t switched, just don’t want to watch TV and they have other sources for their viewing needs?



You’ve actually caught a really bad typo. Fixed.

TV came out when I was a kid, back in the 50’s. At least in our house. That was almost 60 years ago. Since then we have had numerous electronic advances. I find it extreemly difficult to comprehend how so many can not understand this conversion and the difference between Digital and Analog. Or can not do a simple thing like disconnect the antenna from the TV, hook it to the converter, then connect the supplied wire from the converter to the TV, set TV on channel 3 or 4 (and leave it), plug the convert power cord into a wall outlet, turn it on and follow the menu. Oh yeah, READ the instructions.(But I guess some can’t read) Some of the converters had problems, I believe because of hurriedly creating and building them, BUT ALL that I have seen have been promptly replaced. I know of one particular instance of 4 times… for the same customer. I do believe that the Goverment gave plenty of notice. (Except for the stupid 90 day rule.) The problem was two fold on others. Populace NOT paying attention and the electronic companies not making enough, fast enough. The card dates were expiring before enough converters were available. But when they tried catch up, the quality suffered. Course now New TV sales have picked up since ALL New TVs must have a Digital Tuner. Which I believe is really what was wanted anyway … helps the economy??

Chuck it has nothing to do with people not understanding it is because some people don’t care enough to find out and want the government to just do it for them. I bet there are a good majority of people that would want the government to supply their TV for them as well.

Seems to me the only people not prepared for HDTV is the broadcasters themselves. Here we sit with new 2800.00 high deffinition TVs and they are still showing reruns from the 60s. 70s and 80s on darn near every channel…