Many teachers in favor of personal tech in K-12 schools

Many teachers in favor of personal tech in K-12 schools.

[newsimage][/newsimage]When personal technology devices such as iPods and mobile phones made their debut, most schools created regulations that prohibited students from using the devices in classrooms because they were considered to be a “distraction”. As these devices have grown in popularity, however, they have become a part of everyday life for adults and children, and teachers are becoming more open to the idea of allowing them in the classroom.

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Useless waste of time. Kids/teens WILL learn how to sms, phone, play games and hack without having a computer shoved in front of them.

Many years ago my better half was a teachers aid, and I would visit from time to time for an hour or so (I knew the principal of the school too :slight_smile: ) . It seemed to me that MANY of the teachers were in the teachers lounge drinking coffee and smoking.

I also had 2 step-kids, and the easiest way to keep them out of my hair was to install the latest hello kitty game on the computer and sit them down in front of it.

So, knowing these 2 facts, what are the teachers going to be doing?

I’m going to give teachers the benefit of the doubt and assume that their workload does not finish when the kids leave the classroom.

I also agree that personal tech in the classroom is a bad idea. mobile phone use is generally banned because kids waste class time SMSing eachother.
Give them an ipad/androidTab/ etc … and kids will be surfing the internet, chatting on facebook/myspace/whatever, and they won’t learn anything.

One of the few things that the western world has over China & the 3rd world is better & universal education. Give kids an opportunity not to learn, and manufacturing will all be based in china, and the developed world will be as dumb as a post … and we’ll sink into 3rd world territory.

Give them an ipad/androidTab/ etc … and kids will be surfing the internet, chatting on facebook/myspace/whatever, and they won’t learn anything.


Not if you turn off the WiFi during class time

[QUOTE=paulw2;2577338]Not if you turn off the WiFi during class time[/QUOTE]
Mobile phone network?

Also, if they disable networking, what is the real benefit? How can you push work to kids without the wifi on?

There are too many distractions in the classroom already. I would make them leave all that distracting crap (cell phones, ipods, ipads etc.) at the door. The changes teachers have made over the past several decades has resulted in a dumbing down of our young people to the point many of them can barely function in society and hold a decent job. IMO, teachers, or more so their union leadership, care more about pay, benefits, tenure and removing responsibility from them for not educating their students. This just smacks as one more measure to make it easier on teachers in the classroom by giving the students one more thing to keep them occupied. God forbid they might have to roll up their sleeves and teach reading, writing and arithmetic.

[QUOTE=paulw2;2577338]Not if you turn off the WiFi during class time[/QUOTE]

It’s not necessary to turn Wi-Fi off. Infact, use of Wi-Fi should be encouraged to keep them off cellular networks whilst in class. Using Wi-Fi technology will enable policies to be created in support of such devices whilst controlling access and enabling greater management.

Take a look at AeroHive’s TeacherView. This is an application that allows not only the administrators but more importantly, the teachers access to control what students have access to within the classrooms from such devices. It’s an easy to use application that can allow teachers to take full control over what websites the students can and cannot access either individually or collectively within the classroom.

Why do they need wifi at all? If the teacher wants control then have a viewing monitor in the class and the teacher controls the content on it. IMO, the education process has become too complicated and distracting. If the public schools want to become effective in educating our young people then bring discipline back to the classroom, remove all these fancy distractions, make the parents as accountable for their kids’ education as the teachers and get back to the basics of education like basic reading, math etc. With all this technology and money we spend on schools you would think every kid would graduate a walking Einstein. Instead, the more we spend, the dumber the students become. Unfortunately, far too many high school graduates can’t even read at grade school levels. How can that happen when a kid is in school for 12 years at a minimum?

Someone is dropping the ball and I think it lands the most on the teacher’s unions/school administration, teachers, then the parents and finally on the students. IMO, the biggest problem with the public school system is a lack of accountability at all levels. Especially considering that private schools do a much better job of educating their students with far less resources. I wonder why that is so? My guess is it is mostly due to more accountability and discipline they maintain.

Use of overhead projectors will eventually share the spotlight with tablet computers. If I had access to a tablet weighing less than 2lbs AND it had every textbook I’d ever need in the space of less then a couple of gigabytes?!? That would have been awesome, but not to be had back a couple of decades ago. Finding the right balance to streamline materials will be a great revolution. I still think there will be a need for physcial materials including books. What would happen in a power outage and when the technology fails to work? Complete reliance upon tech isn’t as good an idea as you might think.

Maybe I am being too old school but it is hard to harm a book by dropping it, or abusing it. I can see these electronic tablets dropping like flies from abuse and being modded to display Penthouse magazines etc. instead of what they were intended to display. Heck, I would be doing it! I think the classroom has to be rid of flashy distractions. Maybe let juniors and seniors have them if they are responsible and their grades are good enough. IMO, handing them out like candy at a parade is a mistake. Also, I think the biggest problem facing schools, besides teacher’s unions, is a lack of discipline and respect for teachers followed closely by parents that just don’t give a $hit about their kid’s behavior in school.