Many reports 1650/1655 doesn't like Verbatim DVD-R 16x MCC 03RG20?

I’m kinda starting this thread as a challange for someone to prove me wrong because I’m actually hoping nothing is wrong with my drive, it’s just this particular media:

Verbatim DVD-R 16x AZO MCC 03RG20
(I got my batch from Newegg, it’s shiny surface, no branding, and I’ve tried discs from the top, bottom and middle of the stack)

not sure how long this search id will hold up but browse through some of the posts and see:

After having serious PO failure issues with my new DW1650 on the Verbatim DVD-R and none on the DVD+R, I started searching and apparently alot of people are having this issue. :confused:

I’ve now tried various speeds and various features turned on or off. All I can do is make the problem slightly better, not make it go away.

Typical example of failure:

The last disc I burnt tonight actually had a black ring in the middle of it like the drive hopped right over it and Nero never even complained back to me. If I had not looked at the bottom and then did a quality scan I would have never known!

I read that before BCFC there were issues on Verbatim but it supposedly improved the situation? Not for me!

ps. power requirements for DVD+R and -R should be identical right? I am assuming there is nothing wrong with my PC since other people have the same issue. Burners use just the +12v line right?

I’m not in any doubt that my Verbatim MCC 03RG20 are poor, just are some as poor as this BenQ scans with high PIF/PO failures and zero QS (which seem to play fine on standalone hardware).

I bought this drive initially because I didn’t like the look of the Pioneer 111 scans on the same media (high PIE and the highest PIF I’d ever seen from my media). No doubt things have improved by grading the media with a Qscan into rejects (as below), 12s and 16s. Clearing SB, enabling for known media and starting with the ‘12x’ grade. 7 discs in lowest QS is 95.

This bogey result on TYG02 doesn’t inspire confidence (same disc, Benq scan in the middle), but scans near perfect in P-CAV.

They use both, and put a decent load on [B]each[/B], around 1.5 Amps, especially at 16x when the motor is running at the highest RPMs, and the chips are processing more data per second. We are talking 20+ Watts.

This is what I typically get with MCC 03RG20s in DW1655.

I don’t have a problem with 16x Verbatim -R - though I burn them at 12x.

I bought a spindle of 25 Verbatim branded silver top 16x -R discs just yesterday to try out.

This is the 3rd burn with SolidBurn on for known media. WOPC is also on.

All burns have been at 12x as the 1650 is in an external enclosure and can’t reach 16x.

Swapped back my NEC 3520a and it burns this media fine.
I’ve reached the point where I think there is something wrong with the drive.
I’m requesting a return to newegg today. Sigh.

Absolutely hate wasting my time with this nonsense, I just want stuff to work and thought I did my research beforehand since I can’t afford to make alot of mistakes.

Staring at a pile of coasters/poor burns right now is very fustrating!

I don’t think they will take the drive back completely eh?
I’ll either have to eat a restocking fee or get an exchange.
I wonder if this drive was a previous return they “recycled” since it has a February date and people are reporting getting March dates from last week…

I’m having trouble with my dw1655 on that media and am now seeing here that there are known problems with external enclosures with certain drives. Is yours external?

No mine is an internal drop in replacement for my NEC.
But I may have an especially bad drive, it’s going back today.

Argh I don’t know what the heck is going on.
I just had cdspeed burn a test disc and read it back and it’s virtually perfect:

That scan does not make a very good case for your
drive being bad. I’d start looking at other possibilities
such as software…

It would seem the drive is being really inconsistant.
It’s not the software, Imgburn and Nero are proven to be solid.

I just noticed I had SolidBurn turned on where I had not been using it before. But now I am burning an Imation DVD-R and it’s totally messing up, I requested 8x and it’s running between 1-3x on the burn so I know there will be massive PO failures.

The writing quality depends on the manufacturer of the discs as well. Here is a comparison between a Prodisc and CMC made Verbatim MCC03RG20 16x DVD-R disc. Both are (photo) printable, both burned with the BCDC firmware, the CMC disc at 16x, while the Prodisc was burned at 12x. The BenQ DW1650 prefers the CMC made ones it seems.



The new BCFC firmware hasn’t improved the writing quality of the Prodisc made MCC03RG20s btw.

Yeah I did forget that just because it uses the same label, doesn’t mean it’s the same quality.

Verbatim likes printing that “AZO dye” on their discs but really, they don’t have control over that do they since they outsource? Not that AZO means anything but to the marketing people…

Here is a 16x burn of those Prodisc MCC03RG20s with the new BCFC firmware (not a full disc even). PIF clumping with most burns unfortunately, not the best batch I guess.

Brand: Verbatim 16x DVD-R printable (25 spindle), made in Taiwan (Prodisc)
Burner: BenQ DW1650 BCFC
Burned at 16x with ImgBurn (6:16 Min)
SB on, WOPC on, OS off (third burn with this media)


First, it looks like your MCC03RG20 batch quite varies from disk to disk. You can see that at 16x it resulted a bad burn and at 12x a good one.

Second, it has been since the days of 1620 and 1640 that MCC03RG20 burns at 16x are not as sweet as the +R (MCC004, etc). It might be the media, or maybe the firmware writing strategy for MCC03RG20 needs to be fine tuned. However, many members found that 12x would be fine.

Also, our BenQ drive does not like to scan a burn with high jitter. At 16x it shows that the jitter went almost 15% and that is where the high PIF and POF appears. I’m guessing if you scan with a LiteOn or Plextor it would be fine, but that’s a different story.

Lastly, with SolidBurn/OverSpeed/WOPC features, our drives could be complicated for some users since it will allow us to set different combinations of SB/OS/WOPC. If you want to be simple, use the default settings, ie: SolidBurn Off for known media and On for unknown media, Overspeed OFF and WOPC On. If you want to try SB ON then let it learn for 2-3 media first. If the result is still not good, clear the learned media with QSuite and use SB Off as in the default settings and burn your 16x -R media at 12x.

MCC03RG20 @16x on BenQ DW1650 BCFC.
Default settings: SB OFF/ON, WOPC ON, OS OFF

No problem here.

Sweet burn zevia. :clap:

Default settings: SB OFF/OFF, WOPC ON, OS OFF
This is off topic but I have to ask anyway.
Has OverSpeed (OS) setting; on or off, any impact on 16x speed rated media on 165* drives?
Drive is not able to burn any faster anyway. :slight_smile:

BTW, aren’t [I]default[/I] settings; SB off for known media/on for unknown.

LOL, you’re right. :bigsmile:

BTW, aren’t default settings; SB off for known media/on for unknown.
Thanks for the corrections. Edited the post while I still can. :smiley:

I’ve got no problems burning at 16x with BCGB, using a real 1655, S/B & O/S off, WOPC on, Verbatim branded.

Okay well at this point I’m going to say my theory is proven wrong.

Now if I can just figure out why my drive is so inconsistant I could probably live with this dw1650.