Many Questions: Firmware, Learned Media, and Scans

Greetings, Gurus! A few questions, if you don’t mind.

How much does “learning” come in to play? Will burn quality improve over time?

Below are two burns and scans, each time I reset the learned media with the EPROM tool so they are essentially the first burns for that firmware. Is there a recommended number of burns I should try before comparing results of one firmware over another?

I am trying to decide which firmware is best for my 812. As I am sitting on a rather large amount of RICOHJPN01 and doubt that I will be switching any time soon.

There are several posts questioning single PIF spikes and although I have them in the scans below, I do not remember seeing them in older versions of firmware. Am I mistaken, or should I re-try some of the older firmwares.

Burns below are done at 8X. US0Q & CG3E Omnipatched with Auto-Bitsetting only. It appears to me that the CG3E did not do as well. Is this a fluke, is my sampling to little, or is CG3E not the best firmware for my drive?

Thanks for your advice.

In my opinion you are attempting to guild the lily. I would be overjoyed to get either of the above scans. Both of them are almost as good as it gets.

As to your question, I found that with my 812S, I was always better off with US0Q. I tried a number of the codeguys’ crosspatched firmwares and in spite of assurances that they were identical, other than the DL burning, I never got good burns with any of the 832 versions. As this was not true for others it would seem that some 812S drives are not alike.

Chas0039, thanks for your quick reply.

I find the versatility here fascinating and can get a bit obsessed. :slight_smile:

Fallback made the biggest difference here. Most of the extra PIFs were added in the last 0.5GB of the scan. PIs are still lower anyway. I suspect if you enabled fallback, and struke a disc that was the same as the first one, you would get a better result with CG3E, although it would be pretty hard to beat that first scan. :slight_smile:


Thanks for feeding my obsession! It looks like I have more to play with. :bigsmile:

My goal is to spend a maximum number of hours for the minimum amount of improvement. :wink:


LOL, sounds like the life long story of DVD writers. :slight_smile:

I did a few scans with CG3E (Added Force-Fallback) and a few scans with US0Q. It appears that there is no compelling evidence that one firmware burns any better than the other. US0Q won, barely, 2 to 1.

I think the lesson learned here, at least for my drive and media, is that burn quality is more dependant on the grade of each individual disc than one specific firmware.

The thing is, your current media is very good, so there is little for CG3E to improve on. If the media was more variable e.g errors rising towards the end, then the recalibrate would help to correct this.


I completely understand. It almost makes me want to go out and buy some Princo just so I can play with it… Almost. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a real treat go get some Sonic from Shop4Tech. If you are really lucky you might get some Yi Jhan.