Many Questions, Few Answers



I’m noticing very few questions in this forum are actually answered. It appears the author of RatDVD doesn’t answer, and not many really seem to know the program well enough to answer either.
I myself have asked two questions - one remains unanswered, the other I ended up answering myself. Look over on the right side of the main page and you’ll see there are many questions w/o any replies.

I’ve looked on the official RatDVD site and there is a faq, but even that leaves many questions.

Is there any other RatDVD forum out there?



I think the main reason for that is that the ratdvd “community” is not yet big enough, since the program is in a early stage.

It’s not yet in the version 1 (one) of the program, yesterday was released the 0.75.

Yes there are another one forum:

But here the “problem” is the same.

I’m very enthusiastic whit this program, I hope that many other people are and will be!



Give me a try! :wink:

What are your probs ?


well, 5 weeks after my original post kind of emphasizes my point.

Anyway, I doubt you can help with the fact that RatDVD does not seem to support Mpeg audio, which just happens to be the only audio format my set top recorder supports.