Many Questions about Xbox 360 Burning



Hi this is my first thread and I have a few questions about burning Xbox 360 games.

I have:

Modded Xbox 360 with 1.4 Xtreme Firmware (I think), It is NTCS

HP dvd840x (which is capable of burning Dual layered disks)

What dvd do I need like + or - ?

Can I use Ridtek or something like that, cause it is a lot cheaper?

Should I use CloneCd Or Imgburn?

On a different topic with my dvd burner, when I burn wii games or any thing for that matter I put the setting on max or auto , or I even just select 4x or 8x and it will only burn at 0.6x and it takes for ever to burn(like 2 hours for one wii game!)

I am using ImgBurn, and like I said before I have a HP dvd840 dvd writer.

Could it be my computer cause it is fairly old.