Many questions about 851's firmwares+tools

I just burned my second DVD-R, a TraxData 4x (aparently a Ritek G04), after upgrading to “stock” GSOK (last firmware from Codeguy). Here are my different questions and doubts, due to my newbies knowledge and the fact english is far from being my native language…
Sorry it is all mixed in a single post but will help me and other users to get answers fast.
1- is my flashing procedure correct: i open OmniPatcher, then load the GSOK.bin (for example), i select options such as increase read speed to 8, and Fix blinking problem. Then i save the patched firmware.
Then use the utility firmware.exe to flash my 851 drive with the new patched stuff. Is that ok?
2- I tried to load GSOK.exe in Omnipatcher, nothing happens (no loading)…
Are .EXE supposed to load and be patched the same way .BIN are?
3- I don’t understand the force shifting and force fallback options. The auto bitsetting is only to put in DVD-ROM format every burned DVD±R? Only Playstation users may need this?
4- Ritek G04 is in the medias list. What can i do with that??? Can i select like x6 or x8 options and my 851 will be able to write then at these speeds?? But my 851 is and will stay a x4 with DVD-R anyway?.. i don’t get it!

About hacked firmwares
1- the “only” improvement we get with hacked/patched firmwares is compatibility with medias and read spead of DVD DL and DVD±R?
2- can’t we increase the DVD+R write speed to x8 (to have a full x8 drive) since this a “real” matter for many users??
3- the GSOK “stock” from Codeguy ( :bow: ) is different from official LiteOn GSOK?
Last but not least, the Ritek G04 i just burned returns the following result in Kprobe, how can i get this (good) average PI result with such a graph???
Thanks to all!!

seems the Kprobe result won’t attach my post, i try again…

1/ Correct.

2/ OP can’t open scrambled firmwares. You should’ve gotten an error message stating that. If you open the .EXE file from my website, it will open okay.

3/ Force-shifting and force-fallback are explained in the documentation. You don’t need them.

4/ You can’t get it to burn at 8x. The 6x/8x options are just for the 812S/832S/1213S users. You can change the strategy for G04 if you find that the current one isn’t working well for you.

1/ Correct… and faster write speeds…

2/ Yes, you can. That’s one of the primary features of OmniPatcher–to increase writing speeds. Please read the documentation.

3/ It’s the same as the official one. The only difference is that the official flasher can’t be opened with OP (it’s scrambled) but our flasher can be. The firmwares themselves are identical!

In other words, your drive cannot burn -R at 8x even if you see 8x media in the media list. As many Liteon owners have noticed, Liteon drives like +R media better. So stick with +R, if you want 8x speeds

code65536-> thanx a lot for your answers, seems that i really need to read OP documentation and the topic about Write Strategies… :bigsmile: