Many problems with LG 4081B

I have a lot of problems with my LG 4081B:

1.- Impossible burn DVD-R at more speed than 2x (I’ve tried with Verbatim, Princo, Intenso…)
2.- DVD burner doesn’t admit DVD+R (only tested with Verbatim Data Life Plus 4x).
3.- DiscInfo program tells me that DVD+R are not admitted with this unit (???).
4.- DVD Identifier informs that in my PC there aren’t any supported DVD writer (???).
5.- In former version of Nero (5.0) DVDs are not admitted. I upgraded to 6.3.

The unit was purchased with A100 firmware but I upgraded it with A101 (from Dangerous Brothers) and no changes were observed.

My equipment: Pentium IV 2.6 GHz, 256 Mb RAM, HDD 160 Gb (at 40% occupancy), Win XP Pro, Nero

What’s going on? Please help me…
LG 4081B

Double check jumpers, ide connections on the hardware side. Make sure you have DMA enabled and update your IDE drivers to latest from IDE chipset manufacturer (Intel, SIS, VIA etc) and also latest ASPI on the software side.

If all these fail, Call LG customer service, they are very helpful.

I’d go against this advice in two ways.

Firstly - if you must use non-Microsoft IDE drivers, then by all means upgrade to the latest version. However, many optical drives work better using MS IDE drivers.

Secondly - Adaptec ASPI is best not installed unless you really need it, as it can cause significant problems just being installed. If you can do without it, I would. Nero doesn’t need it at all.

I don’t think Nero 5.0 ever had DVD support, though I could be wrong on that.