Many problems, need help (Incompatible Medium Installed,unable to update firmware)

Ok, where to start. i was trying to burn some images to disc using alchohal 120. 4 images to 4 discs to be exact. the first burns without any problems. disc two, i get
15:54:50 (F:) PHILIPS CDD4801 CD-R/RW(1:1) - [Write Lead-In area ERROR]: 35700 - 44699
S:KEY - 05/30/00 - “Incompatible Medium Installed”
15:54:50 (F:) PHILIPS CDD4801 CD-R/RW(1:1): Recording failed!
15:54:50 Error message: [05/30/00] - Incompatible Medium Installed
15:54:50 (F:) PHILIPS CDD4801 CD-R/RW(1:1): Recording failed!
15:54:50 Image file loading aborted!

you might notice my burner is ancient. that was recording at 4x. i read here that phillips like to record at 8xspeed, tried it, failed. so now is where i tried to update my firmware. i downloaded the flashtool and the latest version of my cdburner’s firmware 2.5. the flash tool didnt recognize the firmware (.cvi file, i think?). so i dl’d a later version of the flashtool and it did fine.

now my trouble is that it wont complete the update because it says i need Adapect’s aspi or apsi or whatever drivers… so i download that to.

reading the install instructions i says to input XP## for a pentinum1/2/3etc or XP## for this other processor i’ve never heard of. well here’s where i think im screwed and need some help. I dont have a pentium or that other processor mentioned. i have a duron… thats right, a duron. so now what?

i’d really appreciate any help, im sorry my post was so long winded but i just wanted to let anyone who wants to help know everything ive tried so far. also, basically, im not even sure updating my firmware will even solve this problem because it is such an old cdburner. so if you happen to know anything else that could be causing this “Incompatible Medium Installed” error in al-120% please fill me in. :eek:


i had a bad file, son of a ****!!

nothing to see here. move along, move along.