Many people misunderstand peak hard clicks



There are many complaints on the net, but all modern (I think since new vertical recording technology) Seagate/Maxtor drives do have random hard clicks at peak performance. These come as single clicks and sometimes in a series of several (about 3 to 4) clicks and are normal. Many people owning several of the same model report single or certain number of drives doing it only. But that’s only because the hard clicks at peak depend on the specific case of request peak. For example, when I have my antivir monitor on, the clicks come every 5-10 minutes, when off, they don’t come at all. It can take days to hear one. Another example is AHCI/NCQ: clicks as described, IDE mode: no clicks at all. Also: Many people report a certain SMART value to be increasing steadily and they worry. The truth is that the programs used can’t read Seagate’s SMART reporting correctly. That certain value is constantly rising, but after restart it’s at zero again. It’s a wrong information. I’m absolutely not sure about that, but I think to have read (and also tried myself if I remember correctly), that the tool “HDDScan” is reporting correct Seagate values. The sound of the click of death is a hard click, but the drive is not dead then because it makes hard clicks (it even makes hard clicks when parking the heads btw…). But because it doesn’t work anymore and is in endless hard click loop since it’s broken and can’t read/write anything anymore. This is how Seagate describes it as normal: “Occasional clicks during data access”. They should have include “hard” clicks to give people big relief, including myself when I first heard them back then.