Many MP3 players become obsolete within a year of launch

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 While the vinyl record is considered obsolete as  a medium for music since the 90's, the record was invented back in 1900, starting off as a  78rpm 10" disc.  Later on 45rpm and...
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IF it brokes, dont fix it; ditch it! After all, failure rate is so low when in the era of ppm :wink:

Yeah, I have a Xiron 256MB usb1 mp3 player. It takes about 15 minutes to fill the darn thing with music. Usually I only get between 30 to 40 songs on it. I’m resisting the urge to upgrade, but I don’t know how long I’ll manage. :slight_smile:
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I’m still using the iRiver iMP-50 MP3/CD player I bought in late 2003 I believe, in addition to the AA NiMH batteries purchased around the same time. All of these are still going strong, and I put about 5-10 hours of use on it per week. Sure I need to recharge the batteries weekly but being NiMH, they can last for hundreds of charges. If all goes well I’ll still be using this set into the next decade :slight_smile: (and be laughed at by those using a 10GB pocket player no bigger than their thumbs :frowning: )

All part of the game… (Screw the consumer every way you can!) Companies do this on purpose, by releasing crap, so that a few months later they can release a new improved version. This seems to be really bad with cell phones, and mp3 players. It could be that the companies know stupid people will throw away thier money just to get the next best thing… (Usually just the wannabees)… but the smart people will make their purchase last at least 3 - 5 years. There is no way you should be upgrading anything you buy within the first year, unless it’s free to do so.

C’mon, Sony did this long time ago. “Here’s a Walkman, plays tapes”. Week later, “New Walkman, AM/FM and plays tapes”. Week later, “New Walkman, digital display”… By buying today you’re already buying obsolete. By waiting for tomorrow you’re one step ahead, but you’re empty handed TODAY.

“Many MP3 players become obsolete within a year of launch” And how is this different from any other sector in the electronics market? High end video cards are obsolete within months. Pentium M’s are about to go obsolete with the dual core. When the DVD-Burner market was maturing I bought a 4x DVD-R burner for 150 bucks. 6 months later 12x DVD±R were less than a hundred. Same with the CD-Burner market, it’ll be the same for Blu-Ray/HD-DVD. It’s the same for cell phones, used to be the same for LCD’s. Heck look at good Digital Camera prices drop like crazy thanks to the obsession over megapixels. Even in the HDTV market, prices are dropping and older HDTV’s are going obsolete. The fact is we waste alot of money on goods that depreciate in value quickly. Don’t even get me started on the new car market. edit: I should actually read the whole article before posting. But yeah I think it is very wasteful when new technology is released in incremental revisions.
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Cheddar is oh so so right. I’m not upgrading my MP3 play until it breaks. Even though some of the new iAudios do look nice :frowning:

I am. If something different is offered. I would probably consider a usb player with about 2 gigs that has all bells and wistles of my Creative MuVo TX plus a lossless Flac support. Then i can convert my CD collection and upload about 5 albums at a time. What a music to my ears! :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers P.S. Anybody know of such being planned?
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wow how this place is turning should be called bitchfreaks cos ya like a bunch of freakin old women

I remember when I was young, things lasted for ever, beer was 1p a pint, the grass was greener, weather was nicer, kids had more respect, etc etc :slight_smile:

I think it’s getting rediculous, the hardware it’self is not actualy getting that much better. Features that could be supported with firmware upgrades seem to be an excuse for a new player to be released these days. Thank God For Rockbox!! The savios of older arcos, Iriver, and now older ipods.

I agree, but its only the people who didn’t research their players before-hand that have this problem. I had a soul avc mp3cd player (rebadged first iriver mp3cd player) and it lasted over 3 years. Then I bought the ihp-120 (now h120) and it is STILL better than every other player on the market IMHO. I feel it is better because it: Acts as a mass storage device, has 20 gigs, excellent battery life and most importantly ROCKBOX for those who don’t know what rockbox is go to

It is pleasant to realize though that we as consumers still can tell the industry what to make for us and what not. if we take i-pod out of the equation (it is a fashion thing pretty much like a zippo lighter, bought for wining kids on Christmas and locked to I-tunes and vise versa and w/o tunes wouldnt be where it is now) then we can clearly see the preferred player is small, light, feature packed, does not depend on proprietory software and uses free music formats. If it is not, it goes down the sh!t pipe like Minidisk, Bean and such have done. So my moral here is ppl, please be wise and vote with your buck, quid, euro or whatever else there is. Or else we are going to be stuck in the arsh@le with purchased music we cant freely use or even sell, have the industy connect to us and watch what we watch(HD blue formats) and sue us if we dont bend under (or over). Jus’ my 2+ cents. Cheers

I think there are two kinds of consumers who buy electronic gadgets : 1. The kind that must have the latest stuff, the best looking etc 2. The kind that needs the thing Type 1 will ditch what they buy when something new comes out; they buy mostly for fashion and/or bragging rights. These are the sort that change their mobile phones every few months. Type 2 will do research into what they are buying and make careful purchases. These usually manage to make an electronic gadget last 2-3 years and get the value out of their money. Depending on what sort of consumer you are, the article is either true for you, or not.

I’ve got a MuVo TX FM. I will never use online DRM content and despise the very concept. If and when I upgrade my DAP it will be because I want more capacity for longer stays in the Caribbean (or other fleshpots) and not because of DRM rubbish. I’ve had the TX FM for over a year now and while 1Gb capacity is enticing, it ain’t enough to get me to spend more money. The mindless gadfly disposable lifestyle has never appealed to me.

I’ve never heard of the Sony “Bean”. Did they even market this thing??? The Ipod isn’t that great, it’s the marketing that makes it sell. Smart people don’t buy to look good with white earbuds, they buy based on specs, reviews and wait for the right price. Buying the latest and greatest is buying an unknown. As for cell phones, I went through 4 defective phones in the first month, and the “good” phone is pretty much junk halfway through the two year contract. Am I going to spend $300 on a phone that won’t last a year? I don’t think so! Overpriced Junk to push expensive content. I want a phone, not a tv.

I’m still waiting for the right features, size at the right price. When they all match up I’ll buy one of the flash players.

The track record of the Bean isn’t indicitive of the market, it just means Sony didn’t market it aggressively and that the device itself (for those who have seen it) had some bad points outweighing the good points. iPods don’t get “outdated”, the maker just puts out new versions and people dive over to them. They ALL DO THE SAME THING, and whatever plays on the fifth will also play on the first – breaking the premise of the story, that the march of progress is what makes reel-to-reels old and DVD Audio new.