Many Missing RPMs

When attempting to install NeroLINUX on this Fedora Core 3 system I get a list of many, many missing RPMs. Why? On all other software (Oracle, Tomcat, Eclipse, etc.) this system runs perfectly. What is this trying to tell me? :frowning:

missing rpms?

i think nero is built static, so shouldn’t have any dependencies.

you’re not trying to install it using yum are you?

try rpm -Uvh nero*.rpm

NeroLINUX is not completly built static. The only dependancies it has are the following:

  • X Window libraries (normally installed if you have X)
  • GTK+ 1.2

That’s all folks :wink:

A good way to automatically solve dependencies for Nero is to use yum:

cd to the folder where is the NeroLINUX rpm
yum localinstall nerolinux- (or whatever version you want to install)

Yum will automatically look in the Fedora repos for matching dependecies.