Many Errors On Playback After Burn



The way I normally do it is that I rip the DVD through DVD Decrypter and compress it through DVD Shrink. Then I burn those compressed files through Nero onto DVD-Rs. It used to always come off w/o a hitch but lately I have noticed that there are many instances of skipping and sometimes the DVD actually freezes up near the end of the file.

One possibility maybe that I am burning the discs at 8x and perhaps it is too fast even though the discs are rated for it?


What brand and media code of DVD’s are you using, and what is the dvd burner?


You can also do a read speed test in cd/dvd speed so we can get an idea of the disc. It definatly sounds like high PI/PIF errors though.


Okay I got the specs:

It’s a NEC ND-2500A 8x series burner.

The media is US Digital General Purpose 8x DVD-Rs M40104.

I think I may have it solved the problem. Last night I did burns at 2x and couldn’t notice any flaws on the playback. Previously I had burned at 8x and noticed many errors. Even though the media and burner are rated as such is this a common problem?


The 2500 is a good burner , especially with some of the modified firmware available, but I suspect that the media is not the best. It certainly not one that’s mentioned much here.

Try some quality media & you should be able to burn at 8x with great results.


You major problem is using crap media. Cheap media is the cause of 90% of the issues I see on this forum. Buy Verbatim, FujiFilm Made In Japan, or Taiyo Yuden media. If you insist on using cheaper media at least go with Ritek G05’s which are about as low as I would go. Some users here like using cheap media (must be the thrill of getting a good burn out of junk media), but I don’t like coasters, and I don’t like having to reburn stuff.


depends on the media used lots of media is rated 8x and 16 times how many peeps can actually burn at 8 x isvery few its a case of finding a disc that your burner likes and your players will play slowing down the burning speed will decrease errors may not eliminate then though try some different media do a search on here i use ritek go5 and write at 4x and works every time for me but there are better discs suposidly aboutlike verbatim and tys personally the -rs are more compatible even with older machines have fun


Right on. Thanks for the heads up guys. I’ll just continue to burn at 2x speed in order to use up the media than I’ll buy elsewhere! :cool: