Many electronics factories in Japan affected by disasters

Many electronics factories in Japan affected by disasters.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The tragic earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear emergencies that have struck the northeast region of Japan since last Friday has affected the manufacturing operations of some of the major players in the consumer electronics industry.

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Sony,I hope they have to shut down all there plants. The now make some of the worse electronics out there. Just go to google and read about the many problems with there TVs.

I heard CNN say that ram and other computer components were going up skyhigh. How does a quake in Japan effect productions in Taiwan and other Asian countries where they are made? The only thing in Japan is the Headquarters for these companies. More B/S and lies for profit.

As a follow-up, Digitimes is reporting that Sony’s factories for producing blu ray pick up heads were damaged and are shut down at present. Renesas and Texas Instruments are also stopping production of optical drive components due to damage from the earthquake and tsunami.