Many DVDR Questions..... One N00by

this has prob. been gone over several times here, but since im new to the whole process of backing up DVD’s and the such:

I’m running a P4 @ 2.0Ghz
Plextor PX-712UF External (using USB)
20 GB HD

ok now since i used up all my life savings to buy this excellent DVDRW drive:

My 2 primary applications with the Plextor drive are these

  1. Create backups of some of my purchased DVD movies

  2. Being able to compile several episodes of shows (which, of course i’ve already purchased) to a DVD or 2. (Such as specific episodes of Seinfield or friends)

I’ve been reading over what EVERYONE has been posting today and now have a very good understanding of how this works, and “cloneDVD 2” seems to be outstanding, so obviously i’ll be using that.
My problem is this, based on the above uses that i have this drive for, HOW THE HECK do i do this…

What i mean is, can someone go over the BEST and most efficient methods to do what i want to do here? (for example i know that there is a feature in cloneDVD that allows you to take out EVERYTHING that is not needed, just giving you the movie and thats it…to me, that is VERY efficient)

So can anyone help this N00b out a bit?
thanks for ANY help you can give me…

My best suggestion is to invest in a couple dvd-/+rw’s and tinker. you can always reformat them instead of making coasters as you learn to use the software.

Also, consider DVDDecrypter and DVDshrink…you may find them useful…and they are free…:slight_smile:

Here are some programs that I use for these tasks:

DVDShrink (3.1.7) The most valuable for creating backups of your collection. It is free, is easy to use and can take out menus and extra’s if desired. The added advantage is that it encode’s the files to your hardrive which you can view as a finished dvd with an appropriate player (Power Dvd, WinDvd, etc) to check if it is what you wanted.

Nero ( - Latest version) To burn to dvd with, in my case this version has had %100 compatability. Worth every cent.

As far as compiling several episodes of shows this is where you will have the fun. I have had the greatest success with Arcsoft’s Showbiz DVD. It works with multiple file formats and has an easy to use interface. Also creates menu’s etc.
Though I am sure there are better programs around it took several months of looking and trial and error to come up with this one.

If anyone has any other suggestions or disagree’s with me please do. I am always looking for new ideas on this subject myself.

Hope this helps you out a bit Stratonick

One more thing: 20 gig of hard drive space will run out VERY quickly. I have 160 gig and is still not enough for my editing needs!!!