Many CloneDVD errors and problems

i did a search and couldn’t find answers to any of these questions, so i apologize if this has already been addressed

since i’ve had CloneDVD i’ve never been able to get it to successfully shrink and burn a dvd. every time i try to get it to shrink a dvd (as in bring it down to the 4483 MB mark), it goes through the entire backing up process, and when it goes to burn it says that i don’t have enough space on the disc. i haven’t changed any of the settings, so i don’t understand why it’s doing this. if the “DVD Video Quality Bar” says that i have any quality loss whatsoever (anything below 100%) this error will occur. the only time i’m ever able to successfully backup and burn a dvd is when i click " main movie only" and it says 100% in the quality bar. i’ve tried lowering the video size option (as in i’ve taken it down further below 4483 MB just to see what would happen) and the error still occurs

another issue i’ve been having as of late is that whenever i do try and burn a dvd (main movie only, at 100% quality) it goes to step 2 (the actual burning process) and it always gives me an illegal operation error and shuts down before it even gets to 1%. this occurs every single time now. i tried reinstalling, and that didn’t help

one other thing that has occurred with the most recent DVD i’ve tried to copy (American Haunting) is that when it gets to about the 22 or 23% mark on step 1 it just kind of freezes up and i have to close out the program all together

if you guys have any insight or solutions for me i’d greatly appreciate it. thanks

So many folks have purchased this program CloneDVD which is a poor backup program at best.

CloneDVD2 by Elby and also sold by Slysoft is a solid product and should serve you well. You might want to download the trial version from Slysoft and give it a go.

If you read the user guide (in my signature) you will notice at the start…

Note DO NOT purchase Clone DVD as it is a RIP off of the CloneDVD/CloneDVD2 trademarked name and you are being sold poorly supported software, if you have been unfortunate enough to purchase this, get you credit card company to refund you and buy the REAL CloneDVD2.

i appreciate this information, i was unaware there were 2 different programs with the same name. i plan on uninstalling this fake version tonight

i took your advice and i am now trying out the REAL CloneDVD2 program. i’ll let you know if i run into any problems.

thanks for bringing this info to my attention guys. i am sort of a newb, so it definitely helps

You will also need a ripper if you dont have one. ie., ripit4me or anydvd.