Manufacturing Date and RMA Service

Hi all,
My Plextor 716UF died on me a few hours ago. 2nd one in less than a year. Anyways, back in november of 05 I RMA’d my original unit, with a manufacturing date of March 05. When I got the new unit, it had a new manufacturing date, AUG 2005. Since I didnt keep the invoice, this would be the only way for Plextor to verify that the unit is still under warranty. However, I’m not sure if they would still validate it. Does anyone know of Plextor keeping track of original manufacturing dates yet shipping units with new manufacturing labels?

From my understanding, you have 1 year from your original purchase not from your last RMA or manufacturing date.

Since they RMA’ed your last one, it should be in there system the original purchase date since you sent a copy of your invoice.