Manufacturers of Verbatim

I’m aware that Verbatim uses MBI, Prodisc, TY and CMC.

But when it comes to MIT, is there any giveaway to whether a disc is Prodisc or CMC made?

I’ve always had bad times when it comes to CMC made media. TBH, if I’d had known prior to buying the MCC dye Infinitis recently I would have steered clear.

Who were their factory in Singapore? Or was that one of their own that they closed down?

This thread might answer some of your questions:

Prodisc vs CMC Verbatim: Differentiating at retail

The Singapore factory is owned by Verbatim, but they only use it to produce dual-layer media. No more MIS single-layer disks are available. The Singapore plant by itself doesn’t have the capacity to meet global demand for single-layer Verbatim media, so it’s all outsourced now.

They do make single layer HD-DVD-R in singapore and Blu Ray in japan. (also dual layered media for both !) So that no More MIS single layer disks is not true :bigsmile:

MCC made by CMC is some of the best media available. People talk about the quality having “dropped” but still the quality is very high; Mitsubishi’s quality control seems to be very good for its lines in the CMC plants.

I’ve used both Prodisc and CMC versions of MCC and there is no quality difference that I can discern. Never a coaster and scans have been nearly the same.

:disagree: Maybe in your experience, but not for me. CMC manufactured media is quite inconsistent in my experience, wether it is their own or sub-contracted manufacturing. Certainly not much different to the other 2 for MCC stuff. I have had good/bad/acceptable results from all 3.