Manufacturers, Factories, Countries and Packaging

Been reading the articles, and searched the forums yet there seemed to be no concise threads answering these questions collectively!

Given that some have set up new plants in more recent times - What manufacturers have their plants in which countries?

Japan - TY +???
Malaysia + ???
Taiwan + ???
Europe (only germany?) + ???
And any others not mentioned.

Also how do we distinguish the packaging between manufacturers?


Tayio Yuden - see:
Is this up 2 date?


Please forgive any spelling errors!

Are you only looking for cd’s or for dvd’s as well?

The thread you’ve linked is still up to date as far as I know. They didn’t mention the top edge of the TY cake boxes though. Instead of having a very thin extension on the top of the container, the TY’s have a flat, quarter-inch wide raised rim. Its another easy way to spot them.

As far as who makes what where—well, you can pick up bits and pieces here and at dvdrhelp.
The dvd’s coming out of Singapore all seem to be Mitsubishi Chemicals if that helps.
Most of the cd’s and dvd’s with Made in Japan will be TY.

Tracking down the others would be a lengthy process. Your best bet is to buy disks with Made in Japan on the label, or buy specific disks online—such as the Ritek G04’s, or the Mitsui bulk packs.