Manufacturer of "Polaroid BurnMax32"?

As I don’t think that Polaroid is the manufacturer of its burners, I guess whether it’s maybe made by Lite-On ? Or by an other manufacturer? :confused:

How is the quality of this Polaroid burner? Any experiences?

Thanx in advance for any information… :slight_smile:

Polaroid / Disc Fusion Technology is a rebadger. There is very little information on the site and no specificiations for the 32x burner.

At the Polaroid Direct Sales Site, they are asking the outrageous price of $220 for the 32x burner.

Frankly, I wouldn’t care who made the drive or how low the price. Support is likely to be terrible. Firmware updates may be difficult if not impossible to get.

Their vague generic specs show Burn-Proof as the buffer underrrun technology trade-mark. Burners with Burn-Proof use a Sanyo chipset. However, when the CD-RW product brochure is downloaded (32x not included) the 16x and 24x burners are shown using SmartBurn (Lite-On trademark).

I would stay away from these burners. They are not supported by all burning software, quality is unknown, and Polaroid / Disc Fusion Technology may change the supplying manufacturer at any time.

The packages I’ve seen for the Polaroid drives had what appeared to be a Lite-On pictured on the carton, but I’ve seen people say they opened on and it was definitely NOT a Litey, so they’re probably using multiple brands like Cendyne and Buslink do. If it mentions a specific technology such as SmartBurn (Lite-On) or BurnProof (Sanyo) on the package, you have a good guess as to what kind of drive is inside.

Thanx a lot for all the detailed information :smiley:
And I’ve learned that it’s also a good idea to have a look at the specific homepage (in this case Polaroid) for some infos :wink:

A shop near me offers this Polaroid BurnMax32 for €49,- (~ $49) , so I was interested whether it was maybe made by a well-known manufacturer :confused:
But I’ve decided to buy a TDK Cyclone 32x (fast enough for me) instead of the Polaroid. I know the Cyclone is “only” a rebadged LiteOn, but it looks cool :bigsmile:

I finally found out the manufacturer of the Polaroid BurnMax32 :smiley:

A friend of mine bought this model today, in a local shop for €59 (= US$59).
So I could have a closer look at this CD-Writer.

It’s a BCE 3212IM from BTC , manufactured by Top Glory Electronics .

More infos at

What’s about the quality of this CD-Writer? Any experiences? :confused: