Manufactor Date -> A factor supporting drive performance?



Did anyone of you 1640 users out there experience drive performance variation due to different manufactor dates or time period?



Mine was manf’d in China, May 2005. It was an OEM drive from and I’ve had no problems. :bigsmile:


There is not a definite answer to your question. I can only tell you I had 2 bad OEM 1640’s made in china, may 2005… but I didn’t buy mine from newegg so it’s unlikely these are the same batch of drives.

My 1620 is made in malaysia and I haven’t had any issues. However, if you search the board you’ll find plenty of people who had troubles with their drives.

All in all, I’d say BenQ has some serious quality control issues. Some drives are good, others are not. It’s the luck of the draw.




same here except it was bought in uk (GL Tec)


Coolie…, I concede that there are some BenQ1640s that have been rma’d, although I can’t tell you where manuf’d and date. I saw one guy that had in his signature line that he had rma’d 3 and was waiting on his 4th. Possibly the best advice is to either buy from a reputable online merchant with an easy RMA/exchange policy, or a local store that would be the same way, both good rep. and easy exchange.

In today’s world, there are fewer and fewer things one can guarantee, and certainly buying just b/c something is ‘recommended’ (but buying from anyone) doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a fully functional, problem-free unit. Sadly, all of us have to be more careful about where we buy and do as much research as possible on it pre-purchase. Just because of how ‘profit-minded’ so many companies are anymore, I’d say a 100% guarantee on getting something of ‘true quality’ is not reasonable and possibly hasn’t been for at least a few years now. :frowning:


You sure have a point.

I bought my 1640 today but have yet to burn any dvd…

It’s made in Malaysia and in June.

The store i bought from drop SG$4 from the previous day. Although the pricetag printed SG$84 I got it for SG$80…

I burned some cds with it and through nero cd-dvd speed it reported more PIE then my other LiteOn LTC 48161H -> I wonder if the benq drive is looking down on its own burns lolzzz!?

Once it reached 49X when I did the benchmark scan, it reached only 17X before f/w upgrade…



June/China/no problem


Ditto for me very happy so far


Bad drive is bad drive. It can be from mfg or user error.

Drive performance will mainly depends on firmware, media and system setups.

May05/China/no problem as well.






May '05/China/no prob :bigsmile:


May 05/China/Retail/no_problem


April 05 > China > Bulk > Problem > RMA
April 05 > China > Bulk >


Two from May China BSHB 2005 both bad- RMA


May 05, Malaysia, going great after heaps of burns with all sorts of different media. :slight_smile:


Hm. CodeKing, I’m starting to suspect that it’s rare that many Malaysian-made 1640s will make it here to the States…


All the drives that O.C. Freak has in his store in Norway are Made in Malaysia, and no returns except one that wasn’t read related.


Well you can take this for what it’s worth I have two 1620 OEM, one made in Malaysia and the other made in China, the only difference I can tell is looking at the label, also the one made in Malaysia doesn’t show the serial number in Nero info tool. Both drives are excellent. Yes it’s not the 1640 but both my 1620’s are of the same quality.