Manuals for Benq 1620

It’s been a large problem for me installing my 1620. I purchased a retail version from Tiger Direct. It was missing the 16x blank dvd and, most importantly, the manuals cd!! I contacted Benq support and the person was very helpful but was unable to secure a manuals cd(DVD?). It apparantly was a packing error and they have no cds available stateside. It’s pretty hard for a newbie like myself to deal with this. They don’t have manuals to download from their site for this new model yet. Does anyone know where or if I can get one? :bow:

Sorry that happened to you. It looks like they have re-sold a returned drive. You should exchange that right away. Those boxes are packed with 3 bits of paper; a software cd including some junk, but it does have Record Now and the bitsetting utility; a blank BenQ 16x (philips c16=cmc mag’s premium line); 4 auto center screws; and a high quality 80 wire ide cable. The box should have been sealed! Make them pay for the shipping both ways. They will. They are a very faithful vendor despite the occaisional accident.

Most “manuals” are pretty skimpy fold-out sheets these days.

This is a copy of the install instructions section for a I/O Magic (BenQ 1620) drive. I shrunk it to reduce the file size to an allowable upload. If you squint or zoom out, you may be able to get some help from this if you can’t get satisfaction from Tiger Direct. :slight_smile: