Manual Scripting or Default? DVD2SVCD/CCE

Hi again,
on AVI(DivX) to DVD convertion…

if i have an AVI with a size of 608x256 should i use this option on DVD2SVCD/CCE:


and Aspect Ratio of DVD2SVCD choose Anamorphic.


use the original one:


and then choose 2-a) 16/9 (borders added) or 2-b) Anamorphic??

With the 1st option the movie keeps it’s original aspect ratio and with the default options (2nd) the movie is or stretched or short… whatever.

Conclusion: I think manual calculation is the better one because i don’t think that DVD2SVCD make the right calculations of AVI size.

Am i right?

Thanks in advance

Your right, the latest version of DVD2SVCD 1.2.2 b1 seams to have gone back to its old ways and not calculate AR for avis correctly, well not for anything thats not 4:3. The previous version 1.2.1 b3 did it correctly by just selecting 16:9 anamorphic.

I just check the box for “Edit as part of Video encoding” and when the box pops up, I manually enter the correct values that I get from a simple spreadsheet I wrote that calculates the correct figures for me.

As for your manual size for a 608x256, that is wrong. Its different if its PAL or NTSC as well (you didnt quote that so not sure); Sizes should be

As 16:9 ( encoded as 4:3)

BicubicResize(720,332,0,0.6) - For PAL

BicubicResize(720,276,0,0.6) - For NTSC

As Anamorphic (encoded as 16:9)

BicubicResize(720,460,0,0.6) - For PAL

BicubicResize(720,384,0,0.6) - For NTSC

I have ALWAYS used the “anamorphic (encoded to 16:9)” option and I get perfect AR’s on the final encode.

Yes, my mistake in calculations. I used values for 4:3 movies

ChickenMan, is there any site that explains this calculates? Or can you explain how it’s done? It would be very appreciated for all :slight_smile:


PS: The preview feature of DVD2SVCD is not that right? I have, with your values, always a stretched picture. Maybe on the final encode it’s well done… i guess…

I just had a look at the videohelp tutorial, but the author gets the calculations wrong. He doesnt take into account that a divx pixel is not square, its close but not square and differs for both PAL & NTSC.

The correct formular to use is at the bottom of the DivX to SVCD Tutorial but just change the SVCD’s width of 480 to 720 for DVDR’s, otherwise its the same. That was for “16:9 (encoded as 4:3)” but for “anamorphic (encoded as 16:9)” just add 128 (PAL) or 108 (NTSC) to the height figure and take 1/2 that off (64 and 54) for the added borders height figure (so they add up to 576 PAL or 480 NTSC). Hope you can make some sence out of all that :smiley:

The doom9 Q&A in the DVD2SVCD forums has a lot more info on this if you suffer with insomnia :wink: :smiley: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Thanks a lot M8. I finally understood :slight_smile:

I’m converting with the values in Anamorphic but the Preview showed a stretched picture. Let’s see on final encode…

The doom9 Q&A in the DVD2SVCD forums has a lot more info on this if you suffer with insomnia

Yep i know and i “spend” a lot of time on these kind of sites. Nevertheless there are small things that are not explained well clear :wink:

Thanks again :wink:

Yep dead true, I had to explain to THEm how to do Batch encoding for AVI’s !

Have another read of my tutorial, absolutely NO WHERE have I ever suggested the use of DVD2SVCD preview, ever thought there was a reason for that :big smile:

Just cut out a small section of the AVI with Virtualdub and encode that, takes 1-2 min to check the final AR rather than do a whole avi.