Manual opening of dvdr3300H disc tray



Hello I’ve a philips dvdr3300H with the ‘BLOCKED’ problem.

Anyone knows how to open the tray manually? I’ve read other posts explaining how to open other philips units but those seems to be different from mine.

Thanks in advance.


Try turning off the power and hold in the eject button and then turn on the power, isn’t there anything in the owners manual about this


It didn’t work. Thanks anyway.


Did you see this thread?


Yes, I tried the first procedure (electronic) and it didn’t work, the device tries something but the tray doesn’t open. And the second one (manual) doesn’t seem to apply to my model, at least I am unable to find the ‘small slot’ the post talks about.




I finally had to open the device, remove the DVD drive and remove the front cover of the drive, then the white lever becomes visible, you move it from right to left and the tray is opened, then you close it back and the ‘BLOCKED’ problem is solved.

It seems that is impossible to open the tray manually without opening the cover in this model.

Thank you all.


ik had dezelfde problemen met deze philips dvd recorder. ook de oplossingen of de philips site werkten niet. na veel gepriegel het apparaat opengemaakt. en bovenstaande instructies gevolgd. en wat denk je? hij gaat weer open en dicht zonder melding ‘blocked’.

dank voor deze goeie oplossing.

groet petros


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sterven? hmmmm, het wordt nu iets minder leuk, die auto translation


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