MANUAL: How to flash Apple MacBook AIR Superdrive a.k.a. Optiarc AD-5630A

I have struggled several days to reflash my Apple MacBook Air Superdrive.
All flashing methods didnt work. Error flashing etc …

Superdriver USB enclosure is your problem!


  1. Open external enclosure.
    Here is how to:

  2. Strip it from all metallwork, ribs, etc … actualy few bolts.

  3. Get more or less any portable computer with CD.

  4. Put this Apple CD in portable computers slot.

  5. Flash as normaly described.

  6. Reassemble all.

  7. Happy ENDing

p.s. make sure you have realy small philips screwdriver.


I notice you didn’t mention which bridge chipset was being used in the enclosure. Is it proprietary or something known?

I didn’t check the bridge, but as far as i know this bridge is what causes all problems like cannot reflash, cannot use with another computer than MacBook AIR …
Later i will have to reflash one more drive and then i will make photos of bridge for all of you. :slight_smile: