? Manual (free/cd)db Search


I was trying to clean up part of my hard drive today and found a few orphaned MP3 files in my audio folder. They are labeled (Track 01).mp3, (Track 02).mp3, and (Track 07).mp3—yeah, I know.

I had them stored in a folder such as \audio\mp3 hemes\games ombraider.

Upon examination, I find that they are certainly NOT Tomb Raider tracks. They are very clockwork/industrial and spooky and I love it. They are something you would expect from Alice, 7th Guest, Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill, etc.

Anyway, I have checked them (even with a hex-editor) and found no clue as to what they are from. I do have a couple of small hints including the fact that there are 14 tracks in total, and the lengths of the tracks I have (5:58, 4:49, and 5:12 respectively).

So, my question is: is there a way to manually do a cddb/freedb/etc. search on the information I have?

Thanks a lot.

I have A BUNCHA cd’s with no names on them, but at least in their own folders and i need to know if there is ANYway to get them their track names? I have tried the scripts for Itunes and they work sometimes. any advice?

If you’ve got the CDs, then you can just use a ripper. For example, pop in the CD, run EAC (Exact Audio Copy), then click the freedb button to have it query the servers for the information (if available).

(Incidentally, it turned out that those tracks were indeed from the American McGee’s Alice soundtrack as I thought. Someone on another forum that I asked in recognized them.)

You could see if Gracenote knows them. WinAmp has an auto tag function that uses it. It actually ‘listens’ to the song and checks for that signature.

If you go the audible-recognition route, there is also a web page where you can enter the Parsons code for the song and look it up that way (assuming that the site’s database contains the code for that song).