Manual firmware update program for GH22NS30

I wanted to use MediaCodeSpeedEdit to remove riplock and speed up the reading speed of my LG GH22NS30 DVD burner.

In the instructions it states to download the firmware file …modify it and then flash the firmware. Problem is my burner only has an automatic firmware flashing utility that downloads from the internet. I need a manual flashing program to flash the drive after I modify the firmware. Is such a thing available?

Have a look here.

[QUOTE=vroom;2229843]Have a look here.[/QUOTE]

That just directs me to the LG australia website…I still can’t find a manual flashing utility for my DVD burner. I am still looking.

I just downloaded MCSE…and wow…I went from reading at 4X to reading at 12x

What a great piece of software!!!:bow:

The software modified the bin file in the LG firmare installer .exe file then flashe it. so I do not need another flasher now…it worked great

That’s very good.